Building materials and furniture

Volatile organic compounds (VOC, VVOC, SVOC)

VITO is a European notified testing body following CEN/TS 16516 (prEN 16516) and a recognized test institute for many national and international quality labels.



Performance tests of air-purifying materials

VITO performs for you performance tests according to ISO 16000-23 and ISO 16000-24: “Performance tests for evaluating the reduction of volatile organic compounds and carbonyl compounds concentrations by sorptive building materials”.

Leaching of chemicals

VITO determines the leaching of chemical compounds by the building materials to the aqueous phase compliant with horizontal test standards (all building materials) developed in CEN/TC 351 “Construction products – Assessment of release of dangerous substances”:

  1. FprCEN/TS 16637-1: Construction products – assessment of release of DS – Part 1: Guidance for the determination of leaching tests (2017)
  2. CEN/TS 16637-2: Construction products – assessment of release of DS – Part 2: Horizontal dynamic surface leaching test (DSLT) (2014)
  3. FprCEN/TS 16637-3 (2015): Construction products – Assessment of release of dangerous substances – Part 3: Horizontal up-flow percolation test (2015)


EU: CEN/TC 351 horizontal normative test method (all construction materials): "Construction products: assessment of release of dangerous substances: Assessment of release of dangerous substances – Guidance on the use of ecotoxicity tests applied to construction products (FprCEN/TR 17105)”; Results from a round robin test for the ecotoxicological evaluation of construction products using two leaching tests and an aquatic test battery, Gartiser et al., Chemosphere 175 (2017), 138-146.        

Eluate and content analysis

Robustness validation of the draft methods for eluate and content analysis of As, Sb and Se performed by VITO in 2016 (CEN/TC 351/WG5 document N0320). Study accomplished under the authority of CEN/TC 351/WG 5.



We perform a life cycle analyses (LCA, PEF, EPD,…) of your products.
Conform CEN/TC 350: “Sustainability of construction works”
Based on these results you can adjust your product development process.